"My photographs are merely a mirror for a viewer to fill in the space I created with their own stories."


Suzana Stamenovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and emigrated to Canada in 1991 after war broke out in the former Yugoslavia. Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, Suzana had a 16-year career as a computer game artist.

In 2010, she became a full-time photographer and opened her own studio. For her artwork, Suzana draws inspiration from artists such as Egon Shiller, Lucian Freud, and Alberto Giacometti.

She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where her work has been widely exhibited.

Artist Statement

Art is a powerful medium through which we share our thoughts and ideas, the ways we see and feel the world around us, and the way we see ourselves. My work in the past ten years has been inspired by the ordinary moments and everyday objects around us. If we dare to pause and look closely, we can find amazing stories in our surroundings.

People who connect to my images see something of themselves in them. I think of my photographs as unfinished interpretations of everyday life that are waiting for viewers to move into spaces I have designed for them. My work ranges from street photography to studio conceptual work. I use a documentary approach when taking pictures in order to tell a story of my surroundings. Once in my "darkroom," I find that editing is where I am most creative, where my inner painter emerges. I pause, step back, and focus on light and emotions rather than a specific narrative. This layered approach is what allows me to express a range of emotions in my work. I am drawn to the simplicity and elegance of black and white images where I use light the same way I would use paint.

With my artwork, I strive to capture the feeling of space. That space might be open or enclosed; it might be found in a person or an object. The silence and calm in my photographs result from a reductive process through which noise and distraction are removed, and thus allows viewers to safely find their personal story in my work.

The abstract elements in my photographs reflect my love for black and white images, my background in graphic design, and my desire to simplify reality. My photographs are more emotional and metaphoric rather than descriptive.

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